Muslims and Christians clashed in Mokhe

Mokhe in the beginning of the dismantling of the old mosque, Muslims protested. Muslims claim that the cost of building the blood would protect the Christians say that the Muslims would not agree to the transfer.

Muslims and Christians clashed in Mokhe 
Mokhe controversy today, October 18, the morning began. The tension is building a mosque in the old building of the appearance of the company's workforce. 
Please note: The Muslim Muslims demand handing Adigenis administration said that the building of the House of Culture status has announced a tender for its rehabilitation. 
Today, the company has won the tender Mokhe went up to the building and start building the culture of this place. Muslim worshipers gathered in front of the workers appeared and demanded that they stop. Soon they came to the village center with local Christians. 
Muslims and Christians clashed in Mokhe 
Christians say that Muslims attacked the parish workers and stop him. Muslims categorically deny that fact. They say that the builders were not drawing, I just went to them and asked them to stop their destruction. The builders have left the village immediately. Muslim worshipers that the builders themselves did not attack the Interior Ministry confirms it. Law enforcement officials in the morning. 
Christians gathered in the center of the village say that they will not allow the transfer of the place of Muslims to build an Islamic shneobis. Muslims claim that the cost of building a house and will not allow them to build a culture of this place. 
Mokhe is quiet at this time. Christians and Muslims are at the center of the village. They say that the local government representatives are expected. Enforcement officers will remain in the village. 
Muslims and Christians clashed in Mokhe 
Muslim worshipers in the mosque waiting for the Samtskhe-Javakheti Mufti Mamuka vashaqmadzesa and Tchela Jambul Abuladze leaders who come from Mokhe in Batumi. Yesterday, October 17, a Muslim congregation in the prime minister. What was discussed at the meeting, they discussed whether the disputed mosque Mokhi theme and what the Prime Minister promised the Muslims, the "South Gate" Jambul abuladze Mokhe return below. 
Please note: The Mufti of the Muslim community in a transfer request Jemal Paksadze Adigenis the district administration on May 30. Adigenis administration claims that the building of the house of culture and its status can not change. This is not the first controversy over the building. Muslims and Christians have clashed with each other on September 12. Muslims accuse the government of false promises and say that they used before the elections. 
Muslims and Christians clashed in Mokhe 
The disputed building was a mosque Mokhi 
[Nino Narimanishvili, Central Uchidze adigeni]



  • 28/01/2015
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