The Prime Minister promised to study the issue of the mosque Muslims Mokhi

The Prime Minister, Interior Minister promised that the Muslims gathered in the mosque in the disputed building Mokhe Adigenis village in a week to study the issue.

The Prime Minister promised to study the issue of the mosque Muslims Mokhi 
Tchela mosque leader Jambul Abuladz 
Interior Minister Mufti of the West, Jemal paksadzesa and Muslims October 16, in the afternoon. The Mufti of Samtskhe-Javakheti Mamuka Vashakmadze Tchela mosque leader Jambul Abuladze. 
They said their meeting with the Prime Minister discussed the problems of Muslims in general. In particular, the Muslim boarding school in operation and the start of construction of a new mosque in the matter. Also discussed Adigenis Muslim mosque in the village Mokhe transfer issue. 
Samtskhe-Javakheti region of the Muslim population in a statement on behalf of the Prime Minister Adigenis him. The statement was signed by 500 citizens. 
The statement notes that since 1975-80 Mokhe of Muslims live, and 70-75 per cent of the rural population does. Muslim mosque located in the center of the village has a warehouse during the Communist period, and then used the club. Once people began to return to the faith and determination, no one was in the building. For the last 10 years and the collapse of the building was left without function. Since the country embarked on the road and got ანტიდისკრიმინაციუი law, Muslims, and demanded that the building program for staged applied. However, the answer turned out to be abusive. Local government has decided to return to the club to feature in the building and into the music, dance and ethnographic center. 
'Lord of the decision by the Muslim community in the first place Adigenis municipality, as well as for all Muslims living in Georgia and around the world. Particularly immature and superficial allegedly staged by the humane decision that it is fixed in place at the Youth Center will contribute to their healthy lifestyle. This is absurd, because it does not have to be equipped with the necessary infrastructure and refurbishing, there are young will not sheadgams, because the religious holy and vimeodvnebt, also behave in a population of non-Muslims. Then what would be the function of the building. We are confident that this action will lead to undesirable conflicts and religious conflict, which ultimately hurt our country, "- said in a statement. 
According to the prime minister in the Muslim community Adigenis transfer requests. The application is accompanied by a copy of the decision made by the municipality and the Muslim community Adigenis signature. 
Tchela Jambul Abuladz mosque leader said that he did not have complete information about the Mokhi mosque: "The Prime Minister has promised to look into the issue and present the answer in a week." 
Please note: Due to the mosque Mokhi Mokhe Christians and Muslims in conflict. And, this is not the first controversy. Today Mokhe elodenen members of the local government, but no one came. 
The Prime Minister promised to study the issue of the mosque Muslims Mokhi 
Javakheti Mufti Mamuka Vashakmadze 
[Nino Narimanishvili, Central Uchidze adigeni]


  • 28/01/2015
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