Georgian "sterile" Muslim historiography and textbooks without figures

If non-Muslims of ethnic Georgians living in Georgia on the merits of the history books are silent, or fragmentary, incomplete information suggests.

"The History of the known 500 Borchalo sacrifice story. 300 Aragvelian, they krtsanisi battle of life and the oath of allegiance to the King Erekle. They were ethnic Georgians were not of Muslim citizens, but they have lost their lives in case, "- says historian S. Kuprashvili. 
It's a fact of history textbooks in history is not available. 500 Borchalo story remains hidden. Can not read the manual in any other Muslim Georgians and ethnic minorities on the merits. 
Does not give information on the history textbooks of SHAF Mirza Mirza Fatali fades-Zade, who in the nineteenth century, played a crucial role in the cultural life of the well. The manual does not refer or less of the Akaki Chkhenkeli and "Muslim of the Committee for the Liberation" activities, and less of their heads - Selim Beg Abashidze, H. Aslan Abashidze, as well as Hussein mamedovsa and courteous-qadir Gvaramdze, the people who have progressive European laws contributed to the 1919 on the work of the Constituent Assembly. Not telling Gulo Aga Kaikatsishvili, loman Kartsivadze Efendi, Iskender Efendi Tavartkuladze role and contribution. 
If non-Muslims of ethnic Georgians living in Georgia on the merits of the history books are silent, or fragmentary, incomplete information suggests. 
However, actively used the term "Turkization" (to commemorate the adoption of Islam), "Tatar" (meaning Muslims) and Muslims refer to themselves as the "enemy" - to celebrate Islam. 
"Islam was the enemy, the invader, he is a historical reality, which is characteristic of all empires, was in fact concentrated in Islam, Islam was not to blame and not, say, Turkey, Iran," wrote the head of the Union of Muslims of Mr. Nakaidze netgazeti- in an interview.
These approaches, terms in establishing and defining the enemy "Bolshevik standard" of the TSU Master of Science Policy Lortqifanidze. This standard has worked for dozens of years of Soviet Georgia. However, as a historian, Mr. Kuprashvili explains, this "standard" earlier originating in the Russian-Turkish war. Prior to "The Iranians are not considered an enemy of the Muslims, but as an enemy of the country, which is very tough on its identity. After the Russo-Turkish War, the Russian government has already made ​​a distinction between Muslim and non-Muslim people. 30 thousand Muslim Georgians destroyed, 70 thousand were expelled from Georgia, "- pointing to Mr. Kuprashvili. 
However, the "standards" with respect to the condition of independence is not replaced. As indicated by a number of specialists in Georgian historiography standard has been replaced by the Bolshevik nationalist movement, whose aim is to mainly ethnic Georgians and Christian historical figures, historical events that led to their participation in society. 
"This course is aimed at supporting the idea of ​​a special importance and uniqueness of ethnic representation, even sometimes exaggeration" - explains Mr Lortqifanidze. 
The approach has been supported and strengthened by the Georgian Soviet-era historical films. Where the "enemy" of the Islamic world to come. "Engraved into my childhood depicted in the films" enemy "who was wearing a turban, and a crescent-shaped sword was Islam. Historical films have been assured that they are devastated and Georgia ", - says film critic Lia Lomtadze. 
The icon appears to have collapsed, and in this respect the work is not conducted in Georgia. Cultural and educational space was left nationalist-Bolshevik stereotypes. This has become possible due to the fact that, as Mr. Nakaidze notes: "The Muslim community is the issue of trust is a serious problem in the country." 
You will not feel lack of tolerance extended suppressing architecture. In a small space in the mosque, synagogue or church unity aghmonda Georgian society is not enough to "strangers" and could not get saved Islamophobic attacks Tsikhisdziri, Samtatskaro, Tsintskaro, Chela, Kobuleti, surely Muslims. These facts to the status of myth in tolerance of Muslims and not just in their eyes. 
"We often say that we are a tolerant nation. This is an excellent example of our capital city, in the district of the page, the page with different religious shrines. But how sad it must be to present the opposite of reality in it, "- said Mr. Nakaidze. 
The reason for the existence of such a reality is the lack of education and head of the Union of Muslims who believe in stereotypes saturated manuals. "It is unfortunate that we have too many gaps in schooling textbooks. Which further contributes to the difference alienation. Something inside him fighting mood creation and mobilization of negative attitudes if moutsonari. Textbooks do not adequately describe the merits of the integrity of the Muslim kings. Nothing is said about the more recent history of the I-19-20 century, the Muslim public figures who have sacrificed their lives for the integrity of Georgia, "- says Mr. Nakaidze. 
Mr. He said, attitudes have changed, Georgian historiography should not gatskhrilos and sterile form does not provide the history of the teenager, not a stereotype echvsheukhrel truth. "(History textbooks, Ed), insulting and abusive attitude towards Islam and Muslims. Such expressions childhood forms of Islam and the Muslim people of stereotypical attitudes and relations. Unfortunately, the end becomes angry and senseless act, which has been observed over the last few years, and Muslims in general to make a difference in Georgia ", - says Mr. Nakaidze. 
Making a difference one way TSU Political Science graduate, Mr Lordkipanadze "peace education" (Peace education) programs sees. 
These programs successfully operates in many European countries. Their main goal is the public part of the common issues between different groups, emphasizing the values​​. As well as "groups of co-operation has resulted in the presentation of the historical consequences of the conflict on the back burner and move it. Through these programs, the state is trying to promote the diversity of its positive aspects in the analysis of ... In this way, an opportunity for peace education standards in the reality of implementation. The standards in many countries, the main precondition of social diversity and peaceful coexistence, "- says Mr Lortqifanidze. 
Community diversity and peaceful coexistence based on standard refers to Mr. Nakaidze. 
"So I think, due to some different historical moments worth having, the people of the information in textbooks generally positive coverage of a particular religion, which is in the minority in Georgia. It is one of the preconditions for the solution of the problems in modern Georgia. Of course, it is also necessary to civic activity. 
Civil society and the realization of the fact that Georgia should be emptied of any religious ideology. Previous steps should be given to the citizen as an individual or authorized representative of this country. Otherwise we might have remained in the bosom of the Middle Ages ", - said the head of the Union of Georgian Muslims. 
She Kukhalashvili



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