Partial compensation for damage caused during the Soviet period

Partial compensation for damage caused during the Soviet period

Four religious religion from the state's funding has been received
Resolution of the Government of Georgia, four religious religion - Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Georgia, Catholic, Muslim and Jewish communities have already received funding from the state. The religion of the State Agency, the religious leaders, the Prime Minister Zaza Vashakmadze said at today's meeting:
"The resolution, which was adopted by the government of the Soviet period, the damage caused by the partial reimbursement of Done. The government has expressed its good will and committed Muslim, Armenian, Roman Catholic and Jewish communities to finance several million GEL. All four denominations, has signed an agreement. The amounts accrued in their account." it was noted also that the confessions, financed by the state, in 2015 funding reduplicated.
Chairman of the Agency did not rule out that the confessions of the four, which is funded by the state, to be added to the denomination 2-3. "I go to work and statistical analysis of the results of the census will help us" - said Vashakmadze.
As to the question of what the money will be spent, it was noted that it is spelled out in the contract between the Agency and four confessions. Money would be used for cultural, charitable, restoration, education, religious services.
The religious leaders of the government of Prime Minister of the day, on December 24, met.



  • 29/01/2015
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