The land of Georgia consists of three distinct regions in terms of surface characteristics: 

1. The northern region where The Great Caucasus Mountain chains are located. 

2. The small Caucasus region in the south where Ajara-Imereti, Trialeti, Borcomi-Bakurani and Ahalstihe mountains are located. 

3. The rough, subsidental region in the middle where plains and plateaus exist.

 The Great Caucasus Mountain Chains of which the height increases gradually from the west towards the east separate the country from the Russian Federation. Shara (5086 m.), Kazbeg (5074 m.), Rustavi (4960 m.), Tetnults (4852 m.) and Ushba (4700 m.) are the highest mountains which are located in this region. The Little Caucasus chains in the south are relatively lower, reaching the maximum height of 3.301 m. only in Didi-Abuli summit. The Kolhit plain takes place in the western side of the subsident land between mountainous masses in the north and south and Kartli and Kaheti plateaus take place in the east. Some agricultural lands have been produced by draining the marshes of Kolhit plain near to the Black Sea, which are irrigated by many rivers falling from the mountains covered with snow and glaciers. Mesheti and Lihi mountains connect the Great Caucasus chanins to the Little Caucasus chains by cutting the subsidental region through north-south direction. These mountains also constitute the borders of watery area between the basins of the Black Sea and Caspian Sea. Kaheti, Iori and Kartli plateaus have been break into pieces by the branches of Kura river and have had a rough look.

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