Both truck farming and industry is developed in Georgia. Tea (especially in Batumi environs), citrus fruits, corn and rice are grown in subtropical western regions. Towards the north and east, corn, sugar beet, tobacco, grapes and mulberry are seen instead of tea and citrus fruits. Grape growing is developed especially in Kurtaisi environs and that of apple in Gori. Stockbreeding is very common in the south regions and, therefore, dairy industry is an important sector in these districts. Vegetable and fruits are grown in Kaheti plateau. However the country is not rich in terms of mines, manganese layers exist in Kvirila valley, coal in Tkibuli and Tkvartcheli, petroleum in Mirzani, barium and andezit in Kutaisi environs. There are heavy industry and fertilizer industry in Rustavi, tractor and agricultural equipment industry in Kutaisi, silk industry in Tbilisi, cotton fabric industry in Gori, electrical industry in Tchiatura, tea industry in Batumi, and medicine industry in Poti. The steepness of the mountains and the strong flow of the rivers make it easy to build hydroelectrical plants and obtain energy production. The dams on the Enguri and Kura rivers serve both to electricity production and irrigation of the agricultural lands. While the highway network is not developed in Georgia, railroads and air and sea transportation is quite developed and mostly railroad is used for transportation. The major cities are connected to other important cities of the former Soviet Union via railroads and airways. Tourism has a great potential in Georgian economy. In addition to many tourist-attracting beaches along the Black Sea coast, spa resorts and cure facilities where advanced health services are provided and high plateaus with fresh air play important role in the development of tourism sector.

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